Work hard • Be kind • Have Fun

Hello, I'm Trish and currently open to design, illustration, art direction or monster making freelance.

Creative collaborations are what drive me as an artist and I am constantly learning from those around me. To stay inspired, I surround myself with passionate, creative, kind people. View my after hours alter ego Trish Monsters here or click ART in the header. 

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Notable clients include: AIGA, Whole Foods Market, Taco Bell, Sprint, Miller High Life, KitchenAid, Izze Fusion, Delta Airlines, Motorola, eBay, Wendy's International, Inc., Emerson and Chicago Park District.

Message for illustration, design, lettering inquiries or collaborations.

AMFM Maskerade | Fashion Event Art Show | 2016
Bike Winter Art Show | Chicago | 2016
Bit Wars | Blue1647 | Chicago | 2014
ARTCRANK | Expo 72 | Chicago | 2014
Adhesive Fiends | Chicago Truborn | Chicago | 2014
The Vinyl Frontier | Chicago Truborn | Chicago | 2014
DECKED | Chicago Art Department | Chicago | 2013